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Swamp Shop FAQ

Q: What is the WWOZ Swamp Shop?   

A:  The Swamp Shop is WWOZ's online store. You place your order online, and Ms. Swamp Thing ships out your stuff from an undisclosed, swampy location in New Orleans. We've got all kinds of WWOZ clothing and gear as well as some vintage Jazz Fest tees in the shop. These products are often limited edition; some are classic and some are new. Your purchases directly help support WWOZ!


Q: What's the vintage Jazz Fest tee hullabaloo all about?

A: We've been given the special opportunity to sell shirts from Jazz Fests past, recently discovered in an excavated vault within a sealed up tomb we found underneath the Fairgrounds. This means that if you LOVED Jazz Fest 2002 and you forgot to buy a tee-shirt to commemorate it, you might be in luck, as we're selling some of the last available shirts through our Swamp Shop.

This means we don't always have each shirt in every size; but it means that once we run out, we're out for good and there'll never be another shirt like it in the whole Universe.

(We aren't selling the Hawaiian tessellated shirts, as those are actually sold by an outside company.)

» Check them out!


Q: Does the Swamp Shop have a physical store I can visit?   

A: No, unfortunately we have neither the space nor the staff for a physical store at this time. But who knows, maybe with your continued support, we can have one some day! For now, be sure to connect with us on Facebook and the 'OZone e-newsletter--sometimes we sell select merchandise at festivals around town, and will let you know when we do.


Q: How are Swamp Shop items shipped?

A:  All products, with the exception of the signed banners, will arrive via USPS Priority Mail for domestic shipping and USPS First Class Mail for international shipping. Orders are normally fulfilled within two business days after they are placed, but there are certain times of the year when this is not possible.

In general, the first item you purchase will cost $7.00 to ship, and each additional item will cost an additional $1.00. Exceptions to this rule include backpack coolers, umbrellas, and signed banners, which cost more due to weight, size, and preciousness.  Domestic orders will arrive about a week after you place your order, and international orders will take a couple of weeks or so, depending on the destination. All items are packed with 'OZ love and care!


Q: What is the Swamp Shop return policy?

A:   Good news! Thanks to you, the Swamp Shop is growing, and we can now offer an enhanced return policy. All items may now be returned for store credit, except for clearance items, which may not be returned. Unwanted items must be returned within 30 days from the date of sale. Shirts must be unworn and unwashed. Store credit is valid for 60 days from the date of sale. 

To return your item/s for store credit, you must first write to SwampShop@wwoz.org to receive further instructions. After you get the go-ahead, you will ship your item/s to: WWOZ Swamp Shop, PO Box 51840, New Orleans, LA, 70151-1840. Customer will pay all return shipping costs. WWOZ is not responsible for returned items lost in the mail. After we receive your returned items, you will receive your store credit. You may then purchase a shirt in a different size, or apply the credit to something else.


Q: Where do you find all those gorgeous models showing off your products? 

A: They are our handsome and talented volunteers!

Q: I'm a current member of WWOZ. Is there some kind of discount for me?

A: Why yes, there is! Just check out your membership card for details.


Q: Is the Swamp Shop environmentally friendly?

A: As a creature of the swamp, Ms. Swamp Thing cares about the environment. She reuses packing material like packing peanuts, whenever possible.


Q: How can I contact the Swamp Shop with any questions?

A: Send an email to SwampShop@wwoz.org.


Q: How awesome will I be when I sport my new ‘OZ duds around town?

A: Very awesome.


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